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AppShed is an educational platform for creating apps, games and IoT/robotics projects.

AppShed EDU

AppShed EDU… making a teacher’s life easier.

AppShed EDU is a collection of tools and resources that greatly enhance the teaching opportunities afforded by AppShed. Students love building apps, games and robots. The EDU product ensures that teachers can leverage these activities to achieve curriculum-matched learning outcomes.

AppShed EDU includes a management dashboard, courses, lesson plans, pre-built templates and an asset library as well as one-on-one training and support.

How does AppShed EDU help teachers? 


App Builder

Unlock creativity with app building.

App Builder immerses users in “tech-creativity” by providing an extensive toolset that encourages self-expression and discovery. The aim is to build confidence in learners through graduated and progressive exposure to increasingly challenging activities.

Teaching Computational Thinking:

  • Learners start with ideation, developing the basic app structure and layout
  • Next steps include design, UI/UX, events, actions and data handling
  • Finally, graduated coding activities including graphical coding (Blockly), CSS, HTML and JavaScript. 

What can you make with App Builder?


Game Maker

Learn to code by making games.

Making games is a universally popular activity for learning to code. The focus of AppShed’s Game Maker is to teach Computational Thinking. Learners gain understanding of key concepts such as objects, events, properties & methods, physics, assets and much more. 


Simple games are easily achievable in minutes using the many templates we provide.
Thereafter students can progress on to increasingly complex games powered by the underlying JavaScript game engine (phaser.io).

How does Game Maker work?


IoT Builder

Building apps to control electronics around the world.

IoT (Internet of Things) is any electronic project (“thing”) that is connected to the internet. Using WiFi your AppShed apps can connect to robots and electronics anywhere in the world. Our IoT Builder allows you to set up simple projects with no previous experience, and soon you’ll be building amazing “smart projects”.

Sample Projects:

  • IoT Blink (build your first IoT project in 20 minutes)
  • AppCar (smart robot, programmable, can be controlled remotely over WiFi)
  • Cardboard Controller (a wireless game controller, works with AppShed Game Maker)

How do I get started with IoT Builder?


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