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How to connect to an interactive feed

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How do you connect to an interactive feed?
How do you get content (data) from another website?
How do you access an API or database and show the data in your app?

There are quite a few ways of doing this, some very simple, some pretty complex.
If you tell me a bit more about what you would like to achieve I can guide you better. Here are some possibilities for connecting AppShed apps to "dynamic" content...

  • Use the Twitter or Facebook Actions to pull in content
  • Use the RSS Extension ((Action -> Extensions -> RSS Feed) to pull in any RSS content (KS 2/3)
  • Use the Data extensions to Show and Write data (Action -> Extensions -> Show Data, Write Data) (KS 3/4)
  • Use the Remote Screen action to get content from a PHP script, e.g. connected to a database (A-level)
  • Use JavaScript, JQuery to connect to API's to get any remote data (developer)

Some of these topics are covered in courses available in AppShed Academy.

If you are a school with an EDU Account, contact us to arrange a Master Class for specialised training on any of these topics.

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