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Items starting with H

Hiding the Tab Bar.

There are variations as to how to do it. You can either use a module, javascript
or css.

How do I hide the built in alert messages?

You can hide the built in alert messages such as

"Downloading updates to app"  and  "App is now available offline"



How to connect to an interactive feed

How do you connect to an interactive feed?
How do you get content (data) from another website?
How do you access an API or database and show the data in your app?

How to find Courses and tutorials in AppShed

When you are stuck in, building and creating awesome apps, it is sometimes easy to overlook the AppShed Academy. The courses in here are teeming with new ways you can use to make your app that much better.

How To Remove Advertisements

Remove advertisement banners in your app. 
(Please note: This is only for paid users)

How to resolve flagged apps

Has your app been flagged?

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