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AppShed Lesson Plans

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  • Difficulty: Teacher
Appshed Lesson Plans


We have a growing collection of AppShed Lesson Plans to use as a guide in teaching a variety of app building topics from basic to intermediate app building, advanced coding concepts and game making.

The AppShed Lesson Plans serve as a guide to focus your teaching and helps learners learn in a progressive and structured manner.


Starter and Main Activity

Beginning every session with a Starter activity engages the class followed by the Main Activity that follows the required course in AppShed Academy.

Plenary and Homework

By the end of the lesson, teachers will have the opportunity to review the lesson and bring all learners up to speed. Most of the Lesson Plans have a Homework suggestion to help learners demonstrate their learning by solving their tasks creatively.

All recommended external resources teacher would need to consult will be cited for ease of access, some lessons may span over several sessions depending on the Preparation and Prerequisites.

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